Solar Pool Heating

Merlyn Power offers installation and service on high-quality solar pool heating systems.

Our systems are built to last with top-quality brand collectors, standard sch. 40 PVC plumbing, and our high installation standards. We aim for maximum performance, clean plumbing work, and ease of maintenance.

All of our installations include a 4 year labour warranty, and a 12 year collector warranty. We have over 250 satisfied pool system customers.

Lowest Lifetime Cost

Solar has an upfront cost of $2500-$5000 depending on pool size, solar collector area and options. Systems come with 4 year complete warranty, a 12 year collector warranty and a 15+ yr system lifetime expectancy.

Lifetime heating costs 3-4x lower than any alternatives.

Low Maintenance

The only maintenance is freeze protection at the end of the season. Just as with other components of your pool
plumbing system, you must ensure the panels are drained of water – which involves 15-30 minutes to open plugs at the low points in the system and/or blow out underground lines.

This can often all be done from ground level if site conditions permit.

Simple Operation

The solar heating system ties into your pool plumbing to divert flow up to the solar collectors where the water picks up heat, returning to warm the pool.

An optional controller can be used to automate the diversion process and provide user control of pool temperatures. Collectors are roof or ground mounted as space allows. Systems use existing pool pumps.

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