Net Metered Solar PV

Merlyn Power designs, installs and maintains residential and small commercial solar power systems.  Grid tied systems are configured for net-metering to offset up to 100% of the annual electricity consumption of the building.

As part of our projects we can also implement: Main Panel Upgrades
Consumption Monitoring
EV charger installations
Battery Backup

We provide free remote assessment and estimates.

Standard System Features

Turnkey project management and installation.
Aluminum racking, stainless fasteners.
Roof compatible, watertight penetrations.
5 year full system warranty.
25 year module, 12 -25 year inverter warranty.
Lifetime remote monitoring.

Solar expansion ready  and 
Hidden wiring where applicable.


Merlyn works with a number of equipment manufacturers and make recommendations based on the particular needs of the project.  We routinely offer several options and provide you with the information needed to make an informed choice.  Our primary brands are Canadian Solar, Hanwa, Solaredge, Enphase and SMA.

We design our solar system builds for function, performance, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building and future maintenance or expansion options.

Why Merlyn?

Merlyn is a small installation company.  We keep our installation radius small to ensure we can support our installations.  We only take on a certain number of jobs so yours will get the time and attention it deserves.  The company owner, Scott Cooper BASc. Mech Eng, has over 18 years in the field, and is involved in every aspect of all our installations.

We're solely dedicated to solar, being in operation before, during and after the booms and busts of the industry .  We're committed to this field, do good work, and have a long list of satisfied customers who we continue to support.

Request Estimate

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Yearly kilowatt hour consumption.
Main electrical panel AMP rating
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