About Us

Merlyn Power is a company focused on renewable energy systems and energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. We've been operation since 2003 and have installed over 250 different solar energy systems in Waterloo Region and the surrounding area.

Our full range of work includes:

         - consulting on the energy and resource efficiency of new buildings
         - service of solar water heating and pool heating systems
         - design of solar energy systems for thermal and electric (FIT and MicroFIT) applications
         - service and performance testing of photovoltaic energy systems
         - installation of solar energy equipment and drainwater heat recovery exchangers

The founder of the business, Scott Cooper, is a mechanical engineering graduate (2002) from the
University of Waterloo with 10 years experience in the field of solar energy.

Scott is also a CanSIA Certified Solar Hot Water Installer.

We are responsive year round but do not install through the winter.

At present we don't have a showroom, but we're happy to make arrangements for a remote or onsite assessment to evaluate the feasibility of a renewable energy system and provide free estimates/quotes on all our work.

We're fully insured and WSIB compliant.


Proud member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association.

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